Solar Fairy Lights

A Guide to Solar Lighting

Advances in solar lighting technology have improved lighting quality while reducing purchase costs.

Solar lighting requires less installation than mains lights. Without the necessity for a 240 volt mains supply to your light fittings, you have much more flexibility.

Over the past few years, solar technology has advanced rapidly.

Illumination has been increased while simultaneously reducing power consumption through the use of LED bulbs. Solar lighting used to require direct sunlight in order to perform effectively. Harvesting the suns energy has improved greatly. Advancements in solar technology are occurring fast and will continue to do so.

The available designs and styles of outdoor solar lighting are varied. Wall mounted lantern style lighting. Hanging or post type lights. Many different fairy light designs. Deck lighting which is designed to recess so it sits flush with the deck timber.

Solar spot lights with PIR for security lighting applications. Remote solar panels allow positioning of the panel to best catch the maximum light. Other light units contain a built in panel for gathering energy. It will depend on where you intend to position the solar lights as to which design is the best design for you.

In order to work well, integrated units usually require more sunlight for longer because their solar panels are usually smaller.

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With external solar panels, you can position them for ideal light and because they are usually larger, they require less light to work effectively. Solar light performance can often be dramatically improved by replacing the factory fitted rechargeable batteries that come with your light units. Factory batteries are chosen for their cost, not their performance over time, so they are worth replacing.

Getting the Best from your Solar Powered Lights

The performance of your lights will be governed by where they are located. Ideally, place your lights to get the maximum direct sunlight per day. If your lights are shaded during the day, it will reduce the charge that they receive.

solar fairy lights at night

Even though solar lights are designed to work in normal UK weather, things such as the shade of a tree will reduce performance. Solar lighting performance is set to be driven by advances in both solar panel and battery technology advances. Year on year, the sales of solar renewable energy products continues to rise.

Solar energy is free energy and not only reduces energy bills, but is less harmful for the planet and its finite resources.